A Chance to Influence the Future of Poker

If you are a Bold Mag subscriber or a salamander fan, you can participate in Sheer Magazine’s Yearbook Readers Option Awards by visiting either www.bluffmagazine.com or www.bluffmagazine.com/readersChoice/ . On-line vote began in the Twelfth of January and testament close capable the Twentieth of October. The две тысячи шесть Bold Reader’s Pick Awards balloting includes the pursuit categories: Virtually Entertaining Musician to Ticker, Topper All-round On-line Salamander Board, Better On-line Client Avail, Trump Endure Salamander Tournaments and Topper Salamander Comment. The results of the ballot volition be revealed to the populace on the Twentieth of December in Bold Magazine’s Humankind Serial of Salamander trailer publication. Five-spot random voters leave get an IPod Nano.

So, the readers of the Bold Cartridge are again apt a luck to work and cast the succeeding of salamander. “…the Bold Clip awards volition be a unfeigned will to the companies who find diverse accolades,” aforesaid Eric Morris, Co-President of Bold Cartridge.

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