A Card Counter's Information: The place to Sit down on the Blackjack Desk

How a lot does it have an effect on your edge whether or not you sit down first, within the center, or final on the blackjack desk?
To find out the mathematical resolution, together with some issues when opting for the place to take a seat as a card counter.

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33 Replies to “A Card Counter's Information: The place to Sit down on the Blackjack Desk”

  1. Last base is always a much more valuable spot, regardless of the number of decks being played for a very simple reasons. You can see all the cards on the table and just by tracking high cards, you'll always have a better idea of what may be coming out of that shoe when your turn comes up. I busted the dealer many, many, many times using this method. You can literally make or break that whole table.. If you're good at it, you'll find that your always on the dealers pestering end so don't lose focus, stick to simple rules "doubling your money", then get out. If you walk in with $500, expect to leave at $1000.

  2. Real story: I'm at first base, betting $25-$200. TC+2. Dealer pulls from the shoe to hit 3rd base, he gives clear stand signal. The card was an Ace! Clearly. The dealer stands and settles all bets. I have $800 in chips and bet it all. Dealer looks at me and gives me the Ace, then paints it. I like first base. Similar issues: cut card easily seen. discard tray better for me at first base (better perspective.) Easier to count. Never been backed off at first base. Total b/os 8.

  3. OMG I'm not a fcking F-35 to process all this shit. First of all: Play perfect basic strategy 2. Count cards 3. Look for other players accidentally revealing their cards and remember that.
    Dude… I literally need 10 seconds to do 8+7+6 using my hand. And btw English is not my first language + I have concentration problems. Do you really think I have a chance?

  4. your tattoo on your right arm is a curious one. yes i know exactly what it is. but it is just not something i have seen on someone before.

  5. Wouldn’t it make sense to be 1st because then you know the count that your hand receives versus if it becomes more unfavorable when it comes to you? (For double or single deck obv)

  6. I would only be bothered about the last person if they didn't know what they were doing and not following basic strategy. I wouldn't complain; I would just move tables.

  7. I have a question – surely if you start counting cards as you join the table it’s going to be wrong as for example in your head you start at 0 but the table might be at a -6? Someone help pls

  8. The most valuable spot to make money playing blackjack is ANYWHERE except at the table. Go to the lounge. Go to a restaurant. Hell hit a strip club. Anywhere except at the table where you'll get fleeced!

  9. in theory this makes sense but….
    you don't want to be looking constantly to your left and right at others cards

    because who else other then card counters actually bother looking at others cards……it's a bad look isn't it ?? dealers and pit boss's would catch onto it in a snap.

  10. i prefer playing at a table where im alone. lets me have the freedom to play how i want.
    play more hands cause dealer is faster and then no one to annoy me

  11. You have twelve and the dealer shows ten
    Because you are genious and you count cards you know that a ten follows
    What are you going to do smart card counter?
    Did you make lot of money playing as you suggest to other people?

  12. You should do a video about dealer tells, if you haven't already. At Excal on my first ever Vegas trip, I picked up on a dealer tell. This dealer would occasionally double-check the down card in the mirror window (10 value was up obviously). On the second time, I noticed that upon revealing, the card was a 4. I assumed correctly that this dealer had a hard time distinguishing a 4 from an A. Every time I saw that tell, I would press my luck by splitting or doubling down or standing when you clearly shouldn't. Probably netted me an extra 5-6 winning hands over the course of the dealer's shift that day.

  13. Sitting last is definitely better than sitting first. You control the dealer busting. Sometimes you have to hit a losing hand to help out the table and you gotta know when to do it. But sitting first will most times set the dealer up to bust but then the other players hit and now the dealer is on it's way to beating your hand. Sitting last eliminates that issue. It is definitely advantageous over sitting first. Statistics, acronyms and percentages will never duplicate playing in real time at the casino.

  14. 1-2% difference is the casino edge on some games though right? Or are you saying it’s 1-2% difference of the 1% (or whatever it is) EV. So 1-2% of the 1%?

  15. I never minded sitting at 3rd base because I was able to have a laugh and joke about controlling the outcome, especially if I was varying my play due to the count and saved the table with what might seem like a dumb play. Unfortunately I can't play anymore because of shuffle machines, but I did once love it so much when I could play with an edge.

  16. 3:05 ive gotten flack from both ends. Going first and i bust, then the person after me says i coulda used that card. Or going last and getting blamed because i didnt make the dealer bust.

  17. Here is a couple of questions about basic strategy:

    • Basic strategy for card counters?
    •Basic strategy period?

    I've stayed many many times on 15 and 16 vs a face card cause of a high + count, but basic blackjack strategy calls for a hit, correct?

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