That is 88 Fortunes slot system max wager bonus spherical giant win with modern jackpot select. Agua caliente,CA I sought after do that sport after lengthy extend and …

30 Replies to “88 FORTUNES slot system MAX BET BONUS "BIG WIN"”

  1. These games are a little too pricey for me. Can't make $8.80 bets on social security checks. But I love seeing the guys I subscribe to rake it in the Benjamins. Good win!.

  2. Brave bet, Blue. The bonuses on that game seem to pay well more often than others. The problem is, at least in my experience, they are not easy to get. It takes me awhile every time and I still end up behind or just break even. Thanks for sharing another exciting video!

  3. OH! just another one of your FANTASTIC WINS!! If possible, can you tell us how much you started with, and how long it took to hit? thanks for sharing with us!!!

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