8 Tricks to Grow to be a Successful Blackjack Participant: Phase One – with Blackjack Professional Henry Tamburin

This is a part one in all a two-part video during which blackjack knowledgeable Henry Tamburin discusses 8 tricks to develop into a successful blackjack participant. Subjects coated come with: scouting the tables to search out the most efficient video games, studying elementary technique, the usage of complex ways reminiscent of composition dependent technique, and having your play rated to earn comps.

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45 Replies to “8 Tricks to Grow to be a Successful Blackjack Participant: Phase One – with Blackjack Professional Henry Tamburin”

  1. I hate casinos. I was a table games dealer for 25 years, if I see just one more degenerate Gambler I think I'm going to be sick! Casinos are some of the worst places on the planet. Don't get me wrong I had a lot of great times, but in my memories the bad times always overshadow the good times, those bad times were so bad. I would rather deal with a crack addict then a degenerate gambler, they are the worst of the worst. I don't know maybe I just have a conscience, but when I was a table games dealer I always felt like I was taking advantage of sick people. I'm so glad that those times of my life are over now.

  2. Please master tip #1. Don't come to Las Vegas if you don't know rule #1 of this video. Seriously. Stay out, it's for your own good. I cannot stress this enough. The Gaming Control Board allows the casinos in Las Vegas to spread as much fake blackjack as they want. You must be able to FIND THE REAL TABLE in the sea of REPLICAS a.k.a TOURIST TRAPS.

  3. Lmao a guy sitting at the blackjack table I was playing on got up mad as’f after losing all his money. He yelled “ there goes my child support money”

  4. The first one is the only one that is correct. All the others are only applicable to those that are already losers. You're not going to be a winner if your plan is to use basic strategy. Minimizing losses is not winning. Winning is winning. For instance your idea of "composition dependent strategy", if you're obsessing over that, you're already a loser. The correct way of doing it, is you hit on 16 if the count is 0 or negative, you stand if it's positive. The cards comprising your current hand are already part of the count, if your count is up to date. Though for the purposes of that hand, if it's right on the threshold, you might pay attention to the number of cards in your hand that are cards that would bust you. For instance for the example he gave, 16 against 10, if your 16 is 2 6's and a 4, well a 6 is a bust card as far as a 16 is concerned, even though for your count it's considered a low card, so that would count as 2 high cards and a low card, and if the count including that was 2 or less, I would hit that, even though it's a positive count, because the count is misleading since the 6's are being counted as low cards but for the purposes of that hand, a 6 is a high card since you wouldn't want to receive any more of them. But honestly if it's such a borderline case, it doesn't really matter much. It'll make a few cents of difference to your expected return, and just counting cards in the first place will make a difference between winning 30 dollars in an hour on average, and losing 50.

  5. Some Guaranteed ways to lose and have a frown as you lose 1. stay too long

    2. get addicted to slots.

    3. playing BJ at tables with AUTOMATIC CONSTANT SHUFFLING MACHINES and / or

    BJ TABLES THAT ONLY PAY OUT 2:1 for a BlackJack

    If you're up any amount that rings your bell, leave and leave gambling for the whole day.

    (Read all to the bottom to see my BIG tip! 😍🙄😘😍😉👍🏽‼️👍🏽👍🏽

    But don't play slots: AmericanCasino Guide has videos 'TOP 20 Slot Machine Mistakes!! '. They are too fastpaced and sneaky …Not fun and they're guaranteed to take all your $$💰💰💰…..

    So; leave if you're ahead–😉💋 👔💍👛🍛🍻🍟🍔 You've had your fun, why spoil it!!

    Enjoy your life, leave and do tourist stuff, sexxxy stuff or if you're not on vaca' just get the wash done, the car detailed, or take the kids to a movie,

    ballgame or swimming.

    Budget! Plan ahead and only take and spend your


    Forget borrowing from a friend or spouse or ATM.

    EXPERTISE at your game counts,, use a bit of brains and don't play stupidly making childish moves, in craps, or card games.

    But I know it's hard to remember the correct rules, strategies and even ( in poker ) different player types and body language stories. Why not try this stress free, non competitive fun game that requires only a little bit of patience??

    Roulette, commonly thought to be a dumb game to play, is one of the best smartest games to play if you are PATIENT!!

    –Formerly hot numbers, ALWAYS stop hitting and cold numbers ALWAYS heat up, because over a day or two all numbers will hit evenly all around the wheel!!

    So watch carefully and note the 'hits ' for 2 hours before supper, then go eat , and note them again and get a read on which formerly cold numbers are now heating up a little………and then strike !!

    Perhaps the numbers 4-6 and 9 have been cold and are starting to hit a few times.

    With a small wager you cover 6 numbers, six SOON TO BE HOT numbers, we hope.


    This is a month later and here's an important addition!!
    Once you have chosen the warming numbers , those 6, in a bunch , it's vitally important to bet small SMALL and be very patient with them . You can't expect them to win immediately!!
    Keep betting them for a minimum of 12 spins and see if the ball hits or comes next to your numbers. Close is good!!
    It shows you your numbers will be hitting soon…… End of edit..

    ANOTHER THING TO WATCH IS JUST the % of BLACK or RED, hitting .

    — If black has hit and hit & hit 20/25 spins you don't have to be a genius to know to put bets ON RED. ( tho the bet is bigger than on inside numbers ☔️👎🏽)

    Use this slow patient ROULETTE strategy to have fun and maybe win a few bucks IN THE LONG RUN!!

    The first step is up to you. Go get a pen & paper and keep track of the 'Old Hot #'. And the 'Cold #' . Put them on a the circle on your page and then simply watch and keep track for the next couple of hours ( while you have lunch )

  6. I like to thank you for the learning experience I've been playing blackjack for about 5 years now and I'm about 5 thousand dollars in the black just from using basic strategy alone keep up the good work.

  7. Question for American casino guide the house edge on the game I play is about .67% assuming an average card counter and penetration is this game still beatable?

  8. The reason I don’t ever play blackjack with a full table because the majority of people are scared to hit when they should. I’ve seen so many people not hit a 14,15,16, and the dealer showing 8 and their hoping he doesn’t have 18 and a lot of times he didn’t he have 14, 15, 16, and pull out a 7,6,5, and the whole table lose and then the dumbass is sitting there saying I should’ve hit. I play by myself. I bet $200-300 a hand also so as soon as somebody come to the table I leave unless they’re betting what I’m betting because if you’re not I don’t want you costing me $300 and you’re only risking $25

  9. "The double deck games…The penetration in these games is great. 75% or better." Must be nice. Every DD game I've played has been between 55-65% penetration. It sucks ass.

  10. I disagree with always following basic stragedy. Example I have 16 dealer has 10. Basic stragedy says hit if I know the deck is short on 5's I will stay.

  11. The basic strategy rules weren't made up out of thin air by guys like Henry Tamburin (who made this video) and they sure as hell weren't made up by the casinos. The strategy was derived from millions of computer simulations and if you play EXACTLY according to its rules you lower the house's edge to the bare minimum. So you dudes who think it's wrong to split 8's against a dealer 10 or Ace or who think it's crazy to hit a hard 16 against a dealer 7 or higher are playing scared. The casinos LOVE seeing you stand on your 16's; they LOVE seeing you NOT splitting 8's; and they REALLY love seeing you play that "never bust" strategy (what a laugher that is; you might as well just throw your wallet to the pit boss and let him take what he wants).

    On any given day you could NOT use the strategy and still win money. That's the "blind squirrel finding an acorn" syndrome. But if you play blackjack on a regular basis (once or twice a month) and don't use the strategy, you'll be losing more money than you have to; the probabilities and statistics are against you and the statistics don't lie.

  12. 1:54 How would I know if a dealer hits or stands on a soft 17? Would you have to ask the dealer directly or are the rules listed in plain view on the table somewhere?

  13. How in the hell will “getting comps reduce the overall house edge against you”???? Odds are odds, you win or lose the hand, I don’t get it lol.

  14. Splitting 8’s against a ten is very questionable. The bottom line is you will wind up with two hands that you are behind on instead of one.

  15. Best night I ever had in a casino was the night I threw a plate of ham sandwiches into the roulette wheel and got myself banned. I never lost another penny.

  16. no way id hit a 16 against anything.. period.. hell no.. this guy lost ALL validity in my eyes… lmao wow must work for the casinos

  17. composition dependend strategy cant be real, how should it even matter that i have a 16 with 3 cards or 2 its always the same.

  18. I have another question. In composition strategy with more than one deck and where cards are dealt face up wouldn't it be better to look at the cards already on the table rather than just your own when deciding on hitting on a sixteen? Does this type of betting ever take into consideration what is already on the table?

  19. I sometimes get looks and comments when I hit on a 2 card 16 and then later stand on a 3 or more card 16. I usually try to give a quick explanation similar to Henry's for my reason. Thanks, Henry, for reinforcing my practice on how to handle 3 or more card 16s'.

  20. Just did a binge on your older videos, Steve! Thanks for a new one! The only game I gamble is poker, but I still find myself drawn to your vids!

  21. Henry, love ya. But could you, and many others, please stop saying to always use basic strategy or similar? Put in unless you are card Counting? Thank you.

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