$50,000 BLACKJACK BET! (GTA On-line On line casino Gameplay)

You’ll be able to play slot machines, blackjack, roulette, 3 card poker and horse racing within the new GTA On-line on line casino DLC!
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23 Replies to “$50,000 BLACKJACK BET! (GTA On-line On line casino Gameplay)”

  1. It's fun to see two of my interests combined haha GTA is really my "go to" game whenever I have free time. Great video! Loved it!

  2. The GTA PS2 games allowed you an awesome single deck game that is killable to card counters. Wish they'd done the same here.

  3. The casino is so rigged now it doesn't payout to high rollers like it used to. It's designed to drain you of your money thinking you're that close to winning so you'll buy shark cards.

  4. Him having a 6 million dollar penthouse and does not know how to do or what you can do??? And his getting stoked from winning 12000 wtf is this

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