$4,000 On Top Restrict Slot Machines- Up TO $62.50 A Spins | Reside Slot Play At On line casino | SE-5 | EP-17

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48 Replies to “$4,000 On Top Restrict Slot Machines- Up TO $62.50 A Spins | Reside Slot Play At On line casino | SE-5 | EP-17”

  1. Oh no brother. Left Pechanga Friday. I lost on that same Sahara gold Wednesday night. Hope next video is better for you.
    God bless all your Armenian friends and family.

  2. Thank you NG for great entertaining slot play, my friend💜 if I don’t catch you live, I always give you thumbs up when I watch🌹🌹

  3. NG seems like a very nice gentlenman..But I don't understand how he can give lots of money to the Casinos when he's asking for donations for his brothers and sisters in Armenia…What am I missing?


  5. NG, I just want to tell you that I enjoy watching you so very much. Your enthusiasm is addicting and your kindness to folks that stop you to talk to you is very refreshing. I love "Show Me The Power Of Your Bonus", it makes me smile. I actually use that line now when I'm gambling. Thank you so much for sharing your gambling life with all of us.

  6. 4k loss in 25 min, playing the machine with 1 k or with 4 k the result is the same.
    despite you posting on the edited post picture a big win in all your youtube/posts.

  7. Hi NG, Sorry the machines have been so tight for the past 3 days… unfortunately, it happens.
    I love watching you play because you have a wonderful attitude whether you win or lose.
    Hope you are doing well & hang in there … a big win is coming !!!

  8. Whew that was brutal. But thank you so much for showing us the realism. I’m watching every day, from Central Texas. I really like your interaction with the machines and how you present them to us! Keep up the good work, and I hope you start winning big, so that you can continue. If you’re ever in this area, we play at Winstar in Oklahoma, and Margaritaville in Bossier City, Louisiana. 💕

  9. Wow that was one expensive daily morning video. No one can say you don't try for us. I like the looks of tomorrow's video! Thanks for sharing NG.

  10. Oh no that’s not good NG 😕 hope your luck changes soon, those slots are super tight! You’re having a bad run but I know you’ll be back. I’m amazed by your patience, I’d be throwing things as soon as I got home if that ever happened to me 🙄

  11. #NGSlot #1 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Shame on those machines.

  12. Wow awesome how your subscribers numbers increased…that is because you are one of the most positive human being that walks on this earth. Go NG Go

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