9 Replies to “$330000 GTD TOURNEY SERIES?! Run unhealthy + Play unhealthy = Ruin Time – Poker Vlog (VPV11)”

  1. As a poker player, you’ll always run into a session like that on occasion. What makes the difference, is the ability to overcome that kind of variance, tighten up your game, and play on. Good luck.

  2. You play lag during the tightest times of the day at 52. Just looking at your table I can tell you should just be patient.

  3. That look painful bro but we all have days like that run bad play bad and just don't know when to stop you'll get it back just keep grinding and keep your head up bro love the vlog good entertainment.

  4. The pocket snowman hand was played correctly until the river. That hand had showdown value and it was no way to get called by worse.

  5. Think you can let the KJ go unless you have a read that the villain is a big bluffer. At these stakes they usually have it. Other hands seem mostly just run bad. It is what it is

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