212 Blackjack Device – Highest Device Ever?? Techniques Assessment

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45 Replies to “212 Blackjack Device – Highest Device Ever?? Techniques Assessment”

  1. hi guys my english is not perfect sorry for any mis speling. great job. i also live in vegas i play ad the cezar almost abrey day. i saw in a video went u have 16 an the dealer card isa 10 or A.s you shuld sorender ans also they say never split 44 or 55.
    good luck guys god bless for anything u ken call 702 675-1830

  2. Hey Guys, I liked the video and you guys are fun! However, you are making so many mistakes, I don't know where to begin. Firstly, you are playing 213 not 212 which means you are winning 2 hands and losing 1 hand and are even. If you play 212, you are winning 1 and losing 1 and showing a profit of $5. That's just the first thing. There are many other variables that go into it such as charting a table, win goals, loss limits, trends and more. I'm not trying to be negative and I don't usually comment. I appreciate your effort, so if you would like I could explain this in detail but it would take a lot more space. I've used techniques like this for the better part of 20 years and literally made millions! And with that, there are many other games that you have to play with the casino's other than Cards and Dice! (if you know what I mean!) If you are interested, Shoot me a reply and we can try and set it up. Regards

  3. video would be better if you had a bank counter at the bottom of each hand counting wins and losses showing where your at all the time.

  4. There's only one way to find out if a system truly has merit and will work over time. You need a very large sample. Just like the family who beat roulette by recording numbers. They said it became crystal clear what numbers were hot when they got up to 30,000 spins. The same with this one. Play 30,000 hands and then see if you're ahead. Even a few dollars up and you have a valid working system.

  5. What casino allows you to bet $5 anymore? Also you said most people start with $200 and your playing for 2 people so you should start with $400, not $200. 13 against a 2 or a 3 you always stay with 4 decks or more

  6. Hello Alex and Timmy, I’ve tried this system with a slight modification and have won $100 two different times!!! Hope to stop into Casino Quest very soon

  7. best way to win without counting is to throw everything you walked in with on one hand and accept the result lol and be done afterwards

  8. Don't double down when you have an 11 against a ten? I've never seen a basic strategy chart showing to do that. Plus hitting a 13 against a 2 or 3? The player says you can go either way. No you can't. One of the ways is always going to be slightly better mathematically.

  9. 1st: All system works somewhat(lol), it all depends on the shoe.
    2nd: Basic strategy works here and there but wont win you much in a few shoes
    3rd: Card counting gives you a rough %5 advantage, not much, unless you have a team, have tens of thousands to spend, and have years to learn and practice.
    4th: Betting system is the main way you earn money. Bet high on streak, be aggressive against the dealers weak cards.

    Overall It depends on the shoe, if you can catch that winning streak, and luck.

    It doesn't matter really if you card count, a lot of people tried but loose.
    Card counting was good in 90s but now the deck penetration make it almost impossible to count cards. Most 4-8 decks shoe have %60 penetration. 1 deck card is mostly shuffle after every hand. 2-3 decks get a %50 penetration. Think about that. When was the last time you went to a casino and they did %80 penetration? Its supppper rare, most likely found in smaller older casino if you can find it.

    Play with money that you can loose, have a few drinks and have fun.

    My betting system:

    I usually play $10 a hand. After winning 2 times in a row, I add 1 unit ($10).
    I keep on adding 1 unit till I loose. Repeat the step.

    I use 90% of basic strategy, not all of it.
    I am also uber aggressive and double down if possible without busting if dealer shows a 4-6.
    I win about %60 of the time.

    Most of us don't play blackjack as a living, we all have regular jobs. I've tested almost every system on my software running 100+ sessions "Blackjack Trainer V2.0" with every possible strategy and table rules. At the end its a crap shoot.

  10. bunch a noobs who don't know math. You shouldn't take a card if you have 13 vs 3. Also 11 is a double down vs 10. No wonder they are using systems because they don't even know basic strategy.

  11. Great videos guys! PA blackjack player here. Love watching you guys and also "Never Split 10's". Although there is probably some validity in this system, I don't care what system you're playing if the cards don't fall your way, you're gonna lose.

  12. The system didn't work just say it. If you need to be lucky to win using a system then it's not a good system you're simply gambling

  13. Seriously guys? You need to run that system thru a simulation of 100,000+ hands. Otherwise, it’s useless. I’d bet my life you come out behind > -2%.

  14. I love the comments here from all the "experts". I wonder how many of them leave a casino with more than they went in with? I'm pretty sure that their methods do little more than slow down the rate that they're losing.

  15. If you attempt this you're stupid and bound to lose your bankroll eventually. Betting systems don't work because of the law of independent events, you can't lump a bunch of -EV bets together "systematically" and create positive EV, that's not how math works. The only way to beat blackjack is to do the heavy betting when the odds are in your favor otherwise known as counting cards. Half an hour of play is a ridiculously small sample size for blackjack, you should have a computer run a simulation and play a billion hands(probably 10 seconds) and get a more accurate estimate but that would also be a waste of time because with perfect basic strategy and very favorable rules(dealer stands on soft 17 etc) you stand to lose an average of %0.43 of your average bet, more as the rules change against you, it's very hard to find stand on soft 17 these days. Most of the people watching your videos probably see you as an authority because, hey, you uploaded a video on the subject you must be a successful professional gambler. I am a professional gambler and misleading the gullible public most of which are not expert mathematicians like myself is irresponsible and you should really leave the gambling advice to the pros!

  16. Hey guys love your videos how bout playing a shoe not hitting on a bustable hand no matter what the dealer is showing only eception when you holding a 12 against a dealers ace.

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