14 Replies to “20p roulette bets”

  1. That there is poor play there was no logic to the betting he’s lucky he got some of his money back the way he was betting on them numbers

  2. You are getting 'short changed' every spin over 5% with 'double zero' and that is if the spin bar was random. This isn't the case. It is rigged about 8-10% and it is telling. Real RTP % is in the upper 80's.

  3. Good video, but why don't you just play 20 p roulette online ? That way there is no bar thing that you need to get through you can bet as high as you like without needing to qualify through that bar thing.

  4. No offence but your strategy is awful

    8 quid on number 4 but nothing on any of the numbers near it

    You'll lose alot more than you'll win

  5. Love the video love 20p roulette how about playing this online there are various sites to play this exact version on i enjoy the spins maybe a try just a thought keep up the good vids guys

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