$20,000+ BLACKJACK RUN – David vs. Timmy

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42 Replies to “$20,000+ BLACKJACK RUN – David vs. Timmy”

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  2. 试试这里吧,我自己玩了3年多了。每次都是2分钟左右,个人觉得还不错。没有好地方的可以试、#2944491 、č oⓜ#、网上作假的地方太多了。
    Try it here. I've been playing by myself for more than three years. I think it's not bad. There are no good places to test, and there are too many places to cheat on #2944491.com.

  3. You swear at me like that whilst dealing you would have been thrown out of our casino dickhead
    Or I would have knocked you out

  4. I know most of you will not agree with me, but, you guys should run a online casino… I'm really f'n bored at home and Bicycle Casino LA, won't be opening soon.

  5. I love David's stories and BS talking. Watching just BJ with no interaction (pun kinda intended) is just boring.
    I would pay to see David talk BS for an hour. Vegas first show after lockdown hmm???

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