30 Replies to “£2000 vs Slots & Lightning Roulette with Craig!”

  1. That Cerberus slot is a POS.. Close to 400 spins on it had two of them scatter wilds for a chance on a bonus once.. Stay away from it.

  2. Just a test if u do read every comment can u put a bet on football man united to win 2 1 martial to score 1st and slap a fiver on it

  3. Strangely happens a lot that after a nice cash out an a break for a bit nothing ever bonuses after that. Gamblers paranoia or does this happen to everyone else???

  4. Oof that was rough. At least it was Financed by Winnings. As u said gotta give yourself a Chance. Better Luck next Time m8 🙂

  5. Very nice win on lighting well done criag. You can tell the haters, I seen it was uploaded 1 mins ago when I got notification and opened it and there was already 2 dislikes. They not even had chance to watch and hating already. Love the content. you jimbo, chip, and bandit are all brillant and so funny somethings. Keep em coming 😀

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