$20/SPIN 🦅 HIGH LIMIT Eagle Greenbacks at Rocky Hole On line casino #advert

Thanks to our sponsor Rocky Hole On line casino in Maryland! Watch Monday’s Video: Watch Tuesday’s Video: …

39 Replies to “$20/SPIN 🦅 HIGH LIMIT Eagle Greenbacks at Rocky Hole On line casino #advert”

  1. Hi my name is Lepsi Enid and I will like to know if you have been at morrongo casino now that is all renew they fixed so beautiful you should check it out ❤️ much love Lepsi ❤️🙏

  2. Hello Brian,, you guys looked really relax out at the lake thanks for the awesome video. You guys have an awesome day and stay safe. 😉😉😉😉

  3. I think, Brian you were attempting to sing during the EAGLE game. Here it is, check it out. EAGLE ROCK by DADDY COOL (a great Australian band). When you hear it you just have to get up and dance. (It's an Australian institution, enjoy.)

  4. The scenery is awesome and the lake is beautiful 😊!! Nice how those bumblebees showed up just in the nick of time 😊!!

  5. Laughlin, Nevada is absolutely The Best place to gamble! Great people, great perks, great machines and tons of Live Professional Intertainers Tony Keith, Reba McIntire, Stevie Nicks, the list goes on…' ,

  6. Hey Brian 👋 having good time 😀. Any suggestions on any slots or great payout casino in Vegas? I'm going to Vegas next week. All the best win big. 🤑🤑🤑

  7. On Treasure Ball. The balls you keep referring to as silver balls. Are they not diamond? They have the better prize than the gold so it would only make sense.

  8. So much nicer hearing this -your natural – voice rather than that tv show type voice you sometimes adopt. You’re the leader of the pack.
    Love your team and wish you continued luck.

  9. I love it when you show scenes of the casino and the ground Really makes me feel like I’m part of the whole experience. Like the scene in the canoe.

  10. Dang you have to canoe to each different machine? I guess thats good because we can make our money last a little longer

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