20 Questions (And Solutions) About Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is our newest cover-story recreation, and we’ve devoted 14 pages in our factor to Ember Lab’s journey name. We’re positive you might have quite a lot of questions in regards to the recreation, which made its debut all through Sony’s PlayStation Five disclose tournament. We surely did, so we spent a number of days speaking with the workforce and seeing the sport in motion (on PlayStation Five {hardware}!), and we’ve got solutions to one of the most largest questions we noticed floating round on-line.

Who’s Kena?
Kena is the hero of the sport. Extra particularly, she’s a spirit information – an individual with a distinct reward who can lend a hand information stressed spirits to a calm finish. In Kena: Bridge of Spirits’ lore, individuals who have suffered nice trauma or who’ve unresolved industry can linger between the bodily and spirit international, inflicting hassle for strange (dwelling) other people. Kena’s task is to know what’s preserving them from shifting on and serving to them reconcile previous occasions.

Does that imply if she dies within the recreation she’s going to live to tell the tale in limbo as a stressed spirit as a result of she wasn’t in a position to lend a hand different spirits whilst she was once alive? Unfinished industry, and all?
Oh. That’s a just right query. I do not know how to respond to that. Possibly ask one thing more uncomplicated?

How do you pronounce her title?
It’s pronounced KAY-nuh. Whew!

Does Kena communicate? 
Yep! Her voice appearing wasn’t finalized within the demo, however Ember Lab’s leader ingenious officer, Mike Grier, informed us that she has lots to mention. Kena is being performed via an actress who additionally sings on 
a number of of the soundtrack’s songs.

The place are we, anyway?
Bridge of Spirits is about in a fictional position that’s an homage to a lot of other Jap places. You’ll in finding nods to Japan, Bali, and different puts within the geographic options and structure. Kena’s no longer from where she explores within the recreation, both. She needed to commute fairly a distance to get there. Mike jokes that she didn’t journey her motorcycle over, to come up with a way of ways a ways she’s come.

What’s up with the ones little guys we noticed within the trailer?
The ones are the Rot, and so they’re crucial a part of the sport – each in relation to gameplay and the tale. As Kena travels round, she will in finding them hidden on this planet (assume hidden Toads in a Paper Mario recreation), and so they’ll sign up for her. That title isn’t simply coincidental. They’re chargeable for decomposing issues, and the truth that they’ve been scattered is likely one of the the explanation why this area has turn into tainted with corruption.

What can they do?
Quite a lot of issues! Outdoor of struggle, Kena can direct them to transport issues round to lend a hand her. Can’t move a large hole? Possibly they may be able to pull a damaged bridge again into form briefly. Can’t climb as much as that ledge? They may be able to maneuver a block into place and provides her a spice up. In struggle, Kena can faucet into the Rot to distract enemies or infuse her assaults with particular energy. The Rot are timid via nature, on the other hand, and avid gamers must construct their braveness via harmful enemies sooner than they’ll input the combat.

They may be able to input the combat? Uh oh. Can they die?
Nope! Mike doesn’t need avid gamers to look the Rot as a consumable useful resource; while you discover a Rot, they’re a part of the workforce eternally. You don’t want to fear about digging tiny little graves or the rest morbid like that.

What can Kena do?
She will be able to do numerous issues. But even so the use of her personnel’s elementary mild, heavy, and charged assaults, she will get an improve that bends the personnel and turns it right into a bow. On protection, she will use a pulse talent to create a bubble-like defend round her. It has its personal well being meter, which will get depleted via enemy assaults. If she occasions its activation as it should be, it’ll stagger enemies and cause them to extra at risk of assault.

A few of that sounds roughly acquainted. Is that this like a 3-d Zelda?
If you were given the ones forms of vibes from the trailer, you’re no longer a ways off. There’s indisputably a 3-d Zelda affect within the recreation, which shouldn’t come as a wonder taking into account an previous Ember Lab mission… [LINK TO MAJORA’S MASK FILM]

Is there any roughly personality customization?
We didn’t see Kena placed on other clothes or get any beauty upgrades all through our demo. Gamers can outfit the Rot with a lot of other hats, on the other hand. The ones may also be discovered on this planet, and avid gamers can buy hats for particular person individuals of the Rot workforce via spending gem stones which can be additionally discovered on this planet.

Are there microtransactions?

That sounds actually adorable. Is there going to be some way for me to seize how lovely my workforce seems?
For those who’re asking a few picture mode, the workforce stocks your enthusiasm. Josh says the studio desires to incorporate this type of mode, however they may be able to’t say whether or not that function will make it in time for release or if it might come by means of a later replace.

What engine did they construct this with?
Bizarre query, however Ember Lab constructed Kena: Bridge of Spirits with Unreal 4. An previous prototype was once in-built Cohesion, however construction shifted over to Unreal.

Is that this an open-world recreation?
Nope! You’ll come across a village quite early on within the recreation, and that serves as a hub. From there, you’ll be able to commute to a number of attached areas. Bring to mind it as being large linear. There are secrets and techniques to seek out and issues to find off the principle trail, nevertheless it’s no longer an open-world recreation.

What’s the good thing about PS5 vs PS4?
We simplest noticed the sport operating on PlayStation 5, so we will’t be offering any side-by-side comparisons, however there are variations between the PS4 and PS5 variations. Probably the most notable is the collection of Rot that you simply’ll see onscreen. On PS5, they all may also be visual concurrently. On PS4, you’ll nonetheless be capable to accumulate all 100 of them on this planet, however you’ll see fewer of them at a time. They received’t be any much less efficient in struggle or all through puzzle fixing, however there received’t be as a lot of them visual without delay. Additionally, the forests and general foliage is denser on PlayStation 5.

How lengthy is it?
It’s difficult to place an actual quantity in this, on account of the collection of facet actions, however Josh says they got down to make one thing avid gamers may just conveniently end over a weekend.

How a lot does it value?
Kena: Bridge of Spirits isn’t going to be priced at $60. We don’t know the precise value but, nevertheless it received’t value up to a conventional full-priced retail recreation. If you are going to buy it on PS4, you’ll be able to improve the sport to PS5 at no further value, too.

It seems adorable, however is it difficult?
Mike says the workforce has numerous Sekiro and Soulsborne lovers at the dev workforce, and whilst the sport isn’t fairly as much as FromSoftware’s problem, avid gamers will probably be challenged at the very best atmosphere. At the different finish of the spectrum, enemies received’t be capable to one-shot you in maximum problem settings; you’ll be capable to maintain one ultimate sliver of well being to come up with a preventing probability towards more difficult enemies. Ember Lab sought after to make a recreation that households may just experience in combination, whether or not your circle of relatives simply desires to benefit from the tale or is on the lookout for more difficult battles.

This all sounds just right, however I don’t have a PlayStation. Am I out of good fortune? 
You’re no longer! It’s additionally coming to PC by means of the Epic Video games Retailer. As for when, Ember Lab hasn’t nailed down a particular unencumber date, however you’ll be able to be expecting to be enjoying it inside of a couple of months from now.


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