$16,000 on 1 Blackjack Hand with Bonus Four Card Poker – #112

Loopy conclusion to final week’s Blackjack consultation. See the Four card poker video clip of an extended consultation on the finish of blackjack. #vegas #blackjack #on line casino

0:01 intro
1:14 Blackjack Gameplay
2:05 Blackjack Double Down Technique
5:13 Four Card Poker intro
6:17 Four Card Poker Gameplay
12:21 Outro

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We most commonly add profitable movies and now and again we add shedding ones.
The supposed goal of this video is to supply training and leisure on quite a lot of desk video games together with however no longer restricted to blackjack, Texas stacks holdem, roulette, stacks holdem, 4 card stacks holdem, With a bit of luck you revel in and practice alongside in this adventure. Discover ways to play blackjack fundamental technique. Play Blackjack with the broker on this first particular person view structure.

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29 Replies to “$16,000 on 1 Blackjack Hand with Bonus Four Card Poker – #112”

  1. Your videos are great and entertaining but they would be a lot more credible if you showed the card shuffling before starting to play.

  2. Hi I would like to stake 50k usd for your upcoming videos. Please send me your contact number so we can arrange this.

  3. i’ve seen reddit posts accusing you of faking content to make it seem like you constantly win just wondering if it’s true ? i’m a big fan so it would break my heart if true

  4. You’re playing like Slotlady. You know damn well you’re not supposed to be doubling when the dealer is showing a 10 come on man!

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