$16,000 Blackjack Hand – Splitting 3's on the proper time

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26 Replies to “$16,000 Blackjack Hand – Splitting 3's on the proper time”

  1. bro, no need to talk pretentious great, we just watch your game, so no need to talk in the middle of your video, we also understand this Black Jack game, don't make people bored

  2. Hello from Germany your videos are great. I always like to watch them and am looking forward to your new ones. I have a question, what are these playing cards?

  3. Holy shit I learned so much in just the first 5 minutes of this video. Never knew you could split into 3 hands or the ace split rule

  4. Hey matt, do you count cards? i haven't ever seen you deviate from basic strategy but you do change bet sizes, so do you play witha ny another betting system or hi lo without deviations

  5. I don,t know english.I like your videos very much.I am 25 years old.I can't earn 20 years by working this money you earned.I wish you will always be lucky.supporting you in a friendly turkey

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