$1500 Blackjack Consultation! BIG Motion Arms!! ! Episode 31


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33 Replies to “$1500 Blackjack Consultation! BIG Motion Arms!! ! Episode 31”

  1. I have watched several of your Blackjack videos and you are the only player at the table in all of the ones I have seen. Is that by design or am I missing something? I have never played Blackjack in Vegas but I have played in several casinos and I have never been the only player at a table. Perhaps it was the time of day or maybe because I play at tables with lower minimums. I enjoy watching your videos. Thanks for what you do. Many of us can't make it to the casinos right now due to CV-19 and videos like this help ease the pangs.

  2. I noticed that sometimes you hit on a 16 and 9/10 you end up busting…. maybe try a session where you don’t hit on a 16??? And I would enjoy watching a session with higher side bets as you were rocking them earlier on!! Thanks!

  3. While you are super consistent and play a great base strategy. I think you need to ride the shoe out at either single or double hand. The drop in and out might ruin you later game.

  4. Ouch! It was going so well, and then the cards went over to the dark side (i.e. the dealer’s side—haha!). Regardless, it was still fun watching you play! It seems that when you are nervous about losing a hand, you spin the stack o’ chippies—but when you are winning or feel confident that you are going to win the hand, you smack them on the felt. [holds up picket sign] “Cards unfair! More smack, less spin!” “Cards unfair! More smack, less spin!” “Chippies unite for victory!” “Cards unfair!” 😋

    Here’s hoping your next blackjack session allows you to build a fortress of chippies to defend against sour cards! Perhaps it could be surrounded by a Coke Zero moat too. ♥️♠️♦️♣️

  5. Please don't hit on 12, if you go back and look at how times you lost on hitting on 12 I know the game tells you to hit but I don't. Last night's video was worse

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