$1100 VS Blackjack! New Facet Bets! Can I Hit The Triple 7? Episode 15

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42 Replies to “$1100 VS Blackjack! New Facet Bets! Can I Hit The Triple 7? Episode 15”

  1. Have you ever had a winning session in blackjack…? you literally just flat bet the night away and bleed your stack until it’s gone every time. Take a swing once and a while if you’re gonna gamble

  2. OOf ouch. "whaddya say you give me your money, we go out back I kick you in the balls.. and we call it even"..VegasVacation

  3. Wow!! This one was brutal. The side bets costed you $450… ($50 in white bets and $400 in red bets)
    I know you said they are fun but they are very super expensive!!
    You lost only in side bets 42.86% of your total loss (I'm including the $25 –counted as loss)… If you don't count the tip as money lost… then the side bets are 43.90% of today's lost 🙁

  4. That was absolutely brutal. I like the new side bets compared to what you were seeing at the El Cortez.

    There is one side bet I would love to see you play with, if you can find it – the Lucky Ladies (with the full pay version – 200:1 for two Queen of Hearts, not 125:1) – the main reason I think you'd like that bet is it pays when you have any 20, so if you win the side bet, you're likely also winning the hand as well.

  5. Why do you Double down vs a 10 always?

    I would never recommend doing that. And the book doesn't say you should double vs a 10

  6. Middle of video when you kept loosing over and over you should play 2 hands at just a quarter and try and change the cards in the shoe up little bit to get better hands then go back to just one hand.

  7. Hi Sarah… sorry for your loss… don't feel bad i suck at blackjack… love craps and a few slot machines…. sometimes roulette…
    Have a great day pretty lady…

  8. Submitted for your approval, we see one Sarah (Slotlady) a beautiful young lady sitting at the Blackjack table playing 21, and chasing to get that elusive triple 7, and wondering why am I playing 21 instead of on the floor playing the slots. Sorry for the loss, hope you kill it next time. Keep on smiling Sarah, and have yourself a G'day love.

  9. Add me 1 to your view. I didnt enjoy this session coz casino failed to pay. Just you know..you have not lost on card baccarrat game. Not judging but only observation. Hello again !!

  10. I love the fact that, whatever the situation is, you play with consistency. great discipline. thank you for entertaining us

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