1000 backyard capturing with the 257 Blackjack

For those who just like the sound of metal getting slapped approach in the market, concentrate to the affects of the 131 Ace from my logo new 257 Blackjack. The Pit Boss.

11 Replies to “1000 backyard capturing with the 257 Blackjack”

  1. I know it’s personal preference. Just wondering your thoughts on the leupold mark 5hd vs kahles? Are both great? Is one way better than the other?

  2. I'm sure this is a fine wildcat cartridge, but does anybody really need another centerfire rifle cartridge? There are way to many as it is. It's gotten to the point of being laughable. "Six and one half dozen the other". There are so many cartridges out there now whose performance is so close to one another it's really a moot point. By the way that 131gr. Ace may be a great target bullet, but like so many other high BC bullets a hunting bullet it ain't!

  3. When it comes to rifles and calibers right now my wish list is the srs with the 300 norm mag and my 8-32 night force with his little brother the mdrx in 308 with a Burris scout 2-7 backup. But until my kids leave my wallet alone I'll stick with my Remington 700 in 308 with my night force and his funny cousin Ruger PC 9 open sights.

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