10 Indicators You Are Addicted To Playing: Forestall Dependancy To Casinos and On-line

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It is a observe as much as a video I launched known as:
Existence As a VIP Top Curler On the On line casino: What It is Like, Why I Gave It All Up and Playing Dependancy

I’m going to inform you the indicators and educate you the right way to spot any individual that can have a playing downside.

Listed here are the 10 indicators:

1) All the time serious about tactics to overcome the on line casino
2) You’ll be able to’t be truthful about your habits
3) Spending to a lot time on the on line casino or on-line gaming
4) Announcing you’ll be able to prevent any time you wish to have
5) Playing earlier than you pay your expenses
6) Borrowing cash to gamble
7) Chasing your losses
8) Looking to win to toughen your self and pay expenses
9) Justifying your losses
10) Enjoying scared
Honorable point out… however I play poker

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35 Replies to “10 Indicators You Are Addicted To Playing: Forestall Dependancy To Casinos and On-line”

  1. I agree with everything u sayin bro U gave excellent points but what about the ppl
    That made it out ? Depending on your money management and self discipline can determine if u be Successful or not.. I kno smart gamblers who have opened Businesses Purchased they own Property Have put their kids through college and gamblin didn’t get the best of them!! It’s like being a hard core gang member every one don’t get killed and go
    To Prison for life some
    Have made it thru life perfectly fine living or Partaking in a potential dangerous lifestyle … I personally think if you’re a weak minded person and you don’t have discipline gambling is not for you because it will destroy you but there is strong minded people out here that take gambling as a business and not a hobby and been successful some people like money some people want to put their family in a better situation and when people have those type of minds and they strong some people take their money and do the right thing ….

  2. People who are addicted to gambling are lazy and greedy. Because these group of people want to make money the easy way without putting effort to go to work.

  3. As someone who had a gambling addiction years back and hit my rock bottom when I lost 100K in 3 months and I had all ten of your signs met..I can share a few of mine: 11. Depression that causes you to not be happy unless your in the casino. 12. No longer feeling any kind of rush from wins or losses (stone face during win and loss).

    I currently cannot go to a casino or Ill get triggered. Luckily those gambling days are behind me now especially since I make a lot more now and have ppl depending on me.

  4. casinos must be illegal all around the world… ik that some industries are built on betting but atleast betting is slow, blackjack is 5 fucking seconds, roullete 15seconds.. that's lethal!

  5. Nice video, but…I don't check any of that 10 boxes and I consider myself a gambling addict. Gambling like any addiction are very complex but the only thing that don't have a solution is death.

  6. Btw those words you put up the only way to double your money is to fold it in put it in your pocket…ive been to prison,lost thousands, risked my freedom time nd time again all in the hope to double my money…words are gas

  7. Man this shit is fire bro i almost got caught slipping thanks for the food ima try to keep these things in mind before i try finessing myself or loved 1s to get back on the table

  8. I'm alone, scared, it happened so fast, I'm only a few parts away from going in. But I realised it, I gave up drugs. 2 overdoses on year apart. But this is a new monster. Thank you.

  9. It's a big problem that people don't like to talk about, there are ways to stop, but it takes a lot of motivation and dedication. I've suffered for 10 years and what made me stop was just cold turkey and never look back. It's tough the first few times, but when you have self control then you will learn to overcome it.

  10. I’m 21 years old, in college, about 25 grand saved up. started gambling when I was 18 (at an 18 and up casino) and liked it but wasn’t too addicted (went with friends about once every 3 months) right when I turned 21 me and my two buddies started going to a casino 20 minutes away at least every single day. It got to the point where we would go between 7-14 times a week. We would play black jack and I just kept upping the amount I would bet and it got to the point where I would consistently bet $500-$1000 per hand. My heart wasn’t even racing when I would put that much down. One day my two friends and I went to the casino 3 times in one day and I lost 6 grand that day. I promised myself I would stop going but I knew my promises meant nothing so I did a self ban. I am now banned from every casino in California for a year and I hope when that year is up I will have way more self control.

  11. I always pay bills first before going to play at the casino and gamble only what I can lose and I stick to it even if I win casino money I spend the winning money only don't touch extra money from my paycheck and I stick to it

  12. If your at the point you lost control of gambling it's time to stop going for good you have to honest with yourself you done

  13. How far will people go to keep addiction going there's no limit they are insane should be locked up nut house because that is psycho gambling

  14. It's not even funny a few players even robbed banks to keep there addictions going and when they ran out of money robbed a other bank then got caught went to prison now that's insanely addicted

  15. Ever since I was kid I knew if I was going to have a problem with something it would be gambling .. ahh .. it's not always bad. But I should definitely get this in check!!

  16. If one can control oneself once they find a way to tip the odds to your favor the extra income is nice and it's entertaining. But I won't wager $1 without an edge in my favor self control is a must in the casino environment. I'm addicted to the hustle and gamling with an edge

  17. I dont feel like im “addicted” buy i do go to the casino about once a month. The casino i like to go to is an hour away, so that helps me not go as often! I started to slow down once i started playing roulette online! That’s when i knew that i could become addicted and i stopped playing online. Lost $300 my first night

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