10 Greatest Playing Losses Of All Time

From dropping thousands and thousands to billions at a plethora of on line casino tables, we rely down 10 Greatest Playing Losses Of All Time.

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10 Greatest Playing Losses Of All Time

28 Replies to “10 Greatest Playing Losses Of All Time”

  1. I had a HS math teacher who gambled. One time he lost bad, and bragged about it. I do not remember how much he lost, but I do remember wondering why someone would brag about it.

  2. Suing a casino for taking advantage of your gambling addiction? LOL! Why not sue brewers and distilleries for taking advantage if your alcohol addiction? Or sue the Cartels for taking advantage of your drug addiction? Maybe I'll sue God for taking advantage of my addiction to air, water, and FOOD! One out of three would be enough!

  3. Even if you already have millions why bet millions? Why not bet like 500, this is supposed to be a hobby not feed you for the rest of your life

  4. #10. 205 million loss down to 11o million claiming casino took aadvantage of him.
    Wait for it. Pause…. ….
    While he was drunk , clearly violating state laws.
    WHAT. ? . DO U THINK¿?

    # 9 125 million loss( dollars u.s.)
    # 8. 85 million loss
    #7. 42.5 million loss. ( really wasn't a loss, almost closed MGM grand with his winnings, so not really a true loss.)
    ( Can anyone live with one less casino?)
    ( how bout one less corporation)
    ( how bout one less country)
    ( how about one less person?)

    #6. Parlayed luckiest gambling streak if all time. BIFF TANNER.

    40 million ahead, wait a minute . 40 million, WAIT , quit while ur ahead. NOPE I KNOW BEST , bet it all away. Lingxst9ry short , past I heard was in jail for cheating at cards. Marking the deck.

    #5: Loss of 20 million
    #4 1 billion loss?

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