Thanks for staring at and this video used to be pictures used to be taken on Cushy Opening (Pre Opening) day on 9/30/20 at Kickapoo Fortunate Eagle On line casino in Eagle Cross, …


  1. Nice slots, thanks for sharing Rose. Good luck and have a great day !!👍🤩🍀🍀🎉

  2. It was nice to see what Kickapoo looks like, great wins, congrats Texas Rose😺💖😺

    Like 271, Good Luck, Stay Safe & keep on having fun my friend🍀💖🍀

  3. Morning Rose, wonderful adventure today, enjoying your video now with some coffee. Best of luck always, Keep Spinning and Winning! 💕🙋‍♂️😁

  4. Happy Belated birthday 🎉🎉 Texas Rose Mendoza. Sorry I miss the opening Kickapoo Casino had appts. that day. Maybe next weekend. Been going to Oklahoma Casinos it's just too far to keep going there. Glad Kickapoo is open again. Well I wish you many more winnings!! See you around in the casino.☘️👍✌️💛🤠

  5. Went on opening day wish we could still smoke inside I’m sure Tiffany feels the same way wish y’all luck on yalls next visit

  6. Hello Texas Rose! Great to see Kickapoo reopen! Most Ontario (Canada) are not open. Last week some opened … 50 people max! You did a nice job of telling us how they are keeping people safe! Take care … the VAULT sounds fun! Take care!

  7. I like it when the casino does the extra steps to keep the visitors safe, thanks for your intro. The slots at Kickapoo are good based on your action play. Have a great week and good luck my friend!

  8. 🦏💰✌️ Good Stuff Texas Rose California has been doing this and doing it Well 🦏💰✌️ Rhino Loves Coins Love the Bonuses Stay Blessed Rhino Peace

  9. Hi.Rose, Great job the way that you are informing us about the casino. Keep up the great work 👍 and get it get it!!!!!

  10. Hey Texas Rose, I wanted to ask if you noticed a difference in the last half of your September Youtube revenue? All my #'s from the 15th to the end of the month changed from anywhere between $10-$20 a day down to 10-20 cents a day. I lost over 50% of my revenue seemingly overnight. I've tried contacting youtube but no response from them. Are your numbers what they were?

  11. Hey Texas Rose!!!!! Thanks for sharing your video of the reopening at Kickapoo. You had some nice bonuses and great wins. Build that ticket up Scarlet O'hara style! Best of luck to you.

  12. Hello my beautiful friend! Thank you so much for all the updates! The casino looks great! I wouldn’t know anything about this casino if it wasn’t for you and Tiffany! Thank you!! It would be nice to visit one day! It is recording friendly right? How big is the casino? Do you know about how many slots they have? Do they have a buffet? And do they have seafood? That first game (Eternity) looks so cool!! I don’t think Choctaw has it, right? I can’t wait to play it!! Thank you again my friend!! Have a great and blessed week!! 😊🍀👍🏽

  13. Oh ya!!!! Awesome spinning and winning!!! Love those multipliers my friend!!! Continued good luck 🤗😊🍀🎰❤️🌹

  14. Thanks for the info about Kickapoo and likewise glad you're back there like I was saying. It's good to see casinos constantly staying open during these hard times. Nice bonus win on that new 88 fortunes game!

  15. Nice run on Diamond 💎 Eternity we have not seen that one yet! Congratulations 🌹 that was fun to watch. Have a great week cheers 🕺🕶🕺-The Boyz

  16. Thanks for the insight to kickapoos opening.
    Enjoyed the video!
    It was good to see the ol place
    My fingers are itching to go hit those machines. Enjoyed the video!
    Good luck on your gambling ventures!🙋‍♀️

  17. Heard it through the great vine that you're an October baby!! Well, Happy birthday !!! May your day be filled with many blessings!!!🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  18. Rose, thanks for sharing another fun video and giving us this preview of Kickapoo. God bless you and Tiffinay .

  19. It's great to see u at kickapoo again ☺️. Those were nice hits as always. Hope to see u one day at kickapoo. I'll be there on oct 24 let's see how it goes and hopefully be able to do my first ever live stream pretty nervous. May God keep blessing u and be safe out there.

  20. I like these new slots! One of them reminds me of 88 Fortunes Diamond the 3 reel game. Thanks for sharing another adventure Texas Rose. Continued best of luck to you!🍀🤗🌄😎

  21. Hey Texas Rose is in da building baby!! Great wins and bonuses you got there!! I totally agree with you Rose, Kickapoo is doing an amazing job keeping us safe with all the safety precautions they are taking. I went on Wednesday night and saw you and Tiffany but by the time I had stopped playing my machine ( I was hooked lol) ya had left somewhere else 😞. I'll catch ya next time!! Get it get it!! Stay safe and thanks for sharing!! ❤😃🎰🚨💵💰🔔👍🍀🍀🍀🍀

  22. How bout them Apples!!! Awesome win and showing the inside of Kickapoo looks like again! Great Vlog! Don’t forget Who Loves You Baby!🍎🍎🍎

  23. Thank you Texas Rose for sharing your visit to Kickapoo. We are planning to go by soon. You're still looking marvelous! Happy winnings!

  24. Most casinos are doing a great job with sanitizing, social distancing, temperature check, sanitize stations with wipes, plexiglass & requiring masks! I think its up to us on cleaning machines for extra precaution & staying away from speaking with anyone without a mask on…anyway I agree with you on the casino side of it! Great games & wins in this video! I enjoyed it! Thanks for always sharing a quality video! Best of Luck to you, Have Fun & Stay well my friend!

  25. Hello Rose. David and I went last night Saturday got to Kickapoo about 12:30 am the new games in the old area are the HOld and spin if I’m not mistaken it’s the one that you say remind you of gambelaholic. With the 3 red star feature.

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