♣️ Blackjack Silver 7 🚫 aspect bets | Four instances 21 in a row ♣️

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This consultation displays how it on occasion is going and the whole lot I will recommendation is administered away if the broker is on a #fortunate #streak and don’t gamble that day or night time anymore. The other to the former consultation at the identical desk – however this may be why we adore this #recreation, it is by no means the similar.
Easiest, your #DealToTheDealer
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⚠️ Vital: No longer each and every recreation consultation ends up in a win!
❌ There is not any direct association with the reside gaming provider!
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ℹ️ Consultation data:
📅 26.05.2019 19:39 UTC
💳 Anfangsbetrag/Beginning quantity: 2500.00€
💶 Einsatz/Stake: 1x [ 250.00€ ]

⚠️ All the time stay following issues in thoughts:
1️⃣ Playing isn’t a method to make cash.
2️⃣ Simplest gamble with cash it’s worthwhile to find the money for to lose.
3️⃣ Set your self a restrict.
4️⃣ By no means chase any losses.
5️⃣ Take breaks ceaselessly.

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15 Replies to “♣️ Blackjack Silver 7 🚫 aspect bets | Four instances 21 in a row ♣️”

  1. believe it or not, same happened to me today. Literally dealer started with 10, 5, 6, 7 or WHATEVER,the end result was 20 or 21…lost 3k today

  2. Omg 4 in a row that was disgusting! It’s not like they are all obvious either like dealer has blackjack or a face card to start. Just bad luck 🙁

  3. That would never happen in an actual casino. I'm not going to do the statistics fully but that's less than 0.00001% of the time. Not only did the dealer win, but 21 four times in a row? No fucking way.


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