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34 Replies to “★HUGE WIN! ★ EASTERN DRAGON SLOT BONUS WIN! | Slot Traveler”

  1. Great run on the Eastern Dragon. I love that almost full screen with that giant win. congrats and hope your weekend is filled with huge wins!

  2. Hey Manny! Huff n Puff is such a tough one to bonus on. Amazing bonus! I haven’t played the Eastern Dragon one. 🐼🐾👏. Have a great weekend!

  3. I really want to try that Huffin Puff game! Wonderful win! As for Eastern Dragon, WOW! I thought it was an Everi game at first. Beautiful screen of dragons! Congrats Manny!

  4. That was a huge win! Very nice! I've seen that game at the casino here but haven't tried it yet. Your video is inspiring me to try it now lol

  5. I'm not a big fan of AGS but I have played these before and did pretty well. There's a different version of this game that can randomly add multipliers on the wilds. Nice win!

  6. Men ! That Eastern dragon when I first play , I though it could be nice if I even hit the mini but it kept on give free spin witj all dead spin . glad you got that huge $450 hit on that bonus ..awesome ST

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